Our program provides students the training needed to mitigate an Active Shooter situation. Training is
conducted at our private range outside of Marble Falls, Texas.  Classes are held for those who will be
carrying on a safety & security team. If you are a sheep dog and serve on a church safety & security
team you need this class. This class is also appropriate for school/church combo campuses.

Those who desire to take this class must have their Texas LTC and must be knowledgeable about
operating handguns.  This is an advanced program for shooters with experience handling handguns.  
We do offer a basic handgun class for those who are not experienced.

Those who successfully complete this program will be Texas DPS certified in the school safety program.

Students must pass a pre-qualification proficiency demonstration and score at least 225 out of 250.
This will be conducted the first day of training. This is a higher requirement than the LTC license.
Students must also score 90% on a written test. Taking this class does not certify you to teach the
DPS program.

16 hour training program

Day 1 (Classroom)
This day is all classroom and is designed to provide the necessary training for those who will carry a
handgun concealed serving on a security team and Includes; What’s wrong with society, Safety &
security team, Wolves, sheep and sheep dogs, Protecting yourself legally, Carrying considerations,
Active shooter data, The active shooter, Avoid, Deny, Defend, Safety & Security, Mental health,
Arming to defend against a threat, Brain and body disconnect, law enforcement/Police response,
First Aid & Trauma, Recovery from an event.
We also include a 2 hour self defense, grappling session
with our Jiu Jitsu instructors.

Day 2 (Range Training)
This day is all range training. Students will shoot static and dynamic. Training Includes shooting with both
eyes open, one handed shooting, various defensive techniques, tactical reloading and much more.

Students must supply their own handgun, holster, 2 magazines, magazine pouch and at least 350
rounds of FMJ ammunition.  No reloads are permitted. Range portion is conducted at our range facility
just outside of Marble Falls, Texas. Marble Falls has several nice hotels and restaurants. Lunches are

Program cost - $1,000.00 per student (3 or more $800.00 per student)
min. of 3 students required to make a class.

Classes are taught by Firearms expert and DPS licensed instructor Jeff Sellers who has law
enforcement, fugitive recovery executive protection experience.  Jeff is a 2nd degree black belt, licensed
firearms and school safety instructor by the Department of Public safety and the NRA. Jeff also created
the Texas Guardian Program for schools which provides an armed defense to active shooter threats.

Our training facility is located outside of Marble Falls on our private ranch.  
Marble Falls is a resort community and has several nice hotels. The min. for a class is 3 students and
the max is 10 students.  Contact us for available dates.  Classes run year round.

Marble Falls Hotels & Places to Eat

The Guardian program encompasses the most important solutions needed to combat today's active
shooter threat. The training provides participants the confidence needed in order to protect and
defend church members in the event of an active shooter attack.

We encourage churches to assess their current safety & security procedures through our safety
& security audit. The audit will help schools see where they need to improve and/or if their standards
are up to the current methods and practices. A written report is provided with findings and suggestions
for improvement.

What Makes Our Active Shooter Training Program Outstanding
We provide participants with strategies for empowering staff to eliminate feelings of helplessness in
the face of violent intruders. Our team of current licensed DPS firearms instructors, prior law
enforcement officers, retired military personnel, and emergency management experts apply their
knowledge to our training programs.

Active Shooter Training Conducted by Police Departments
You may hear active shooter training being conducted by police departments in the news.
This gives first responders the chance to practice their response skills; and familiarizes first responders
with the layout of the school’s campus. However, this training primarily benefits the response efforts
of trained first responders and offers limited benefits to the church safety & security team who are
more likely to respond to an incident first.

We must prepare today for a safer tomorrow!

We also provide LTC (License To Carry) classes.
Civil Defender Guardian Handgun Training
Contact Us  (830) 613-8926 -  e-mail: jeff@emergency-ms.com
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